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Portable Standby Generator

850KW - 1MW power


WEIGHT: 9000 Lbs.

PORTABILITY: Small Truck, Mid-Size Helicopter, and Air-Freight

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SPECIFICATION SHEETS - Select a link below to view and download.

Stamford Alternator 60 Hz

Stamford Alternator 50 Hz

Woodward EasyGen Controls

Deration Specs

SPECIFICATION SHEETS FOR FLEX PROGRAM - Select a link below to view and download.

480V Flex Power Solution

4160V Flex Power Solution

Power Output 1100KW
Shaft Horsepower 1475
Turbine Speed 6000 RPM
Cycle Single
Efficiency (LHV) 25%
Exhaust Temperature 600 C - 1112 F
Exhaust Flow Rate 13.1 Lbs/Sec - 5.9 Kg/Sec
Heat Input 13.5 MMBtu/Hr
Heat Rate 13,500 Btu/Kw-Hr
Humidity ~20 % by Vol
Fuel Diesel
Optional Fuel Natural Gas
Fuel Pressure 15 Psi
Fuel Flow at 100% 110 Gal/Hr - 418 L/Hr
Lube Oil System Separate Integrated
Starting System 24 Volt Electrical
Engine Start Time 30 Seconds
Operating Temperature -65F to +135F , -54C to +57C


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We offer 1 year warranty and operations manual with each unit.

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